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There are hundreds of orphaned Mbuti Pygmy children trying to survive the harsh war zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. With the lowest life expectancy of only 18-24 years and considered the poorest people on earth, Don & Jenya Foster are fighting for them on the front lines. Directly supporting 34 orphans and numerous others ravaged from Islamic extremists, their passion to bring the Word of Life to those on the brink of death is a sacrificial life few will ever choose.

Many have fallen ill due to the growing epidemic of Tetanus, Ebola & Malaria; although vaccinations are only $1, most can’t afford this expense. With the war knocking at their door, the Fosters are in desperate need of a home to protect children from the war zone. Surrounded by machine gun fire, several times they’ve been forced to evacuate and find temporary shelter. With winter approaching, many will die from the cold.

Don & Jenya know firsthand that kids everywhere just want to be kids. YOU can help make a difference in these impoverish children’s lives.

$1 Can save a child’s life from disease.

$5-$10 Provides a fun toy that will be treasured.

$20-$30 Feeds hungry children through the Foster’s “Feeding Program”.

$40-$50 Delivers solar-powered flashlights loaded with scripture & messages.

$60-$80 Covers one month rent in a safe home out of the war zone.

Formula Fabrication is thrilled to match all donations up to $2000. Your tax deductible contribution will make a huge impact. Checks made payable to “Dunamis ARC”, the organization supporting Don & Jenya Fosters ministry, can be mailed to Formula Fabrication, PO Box 1677, Libby MT 59923; or if you prefer, you can give directly online, at; follow these instructions: Click “Give”, choose an amount you wish to donate; under “General Fund” click the down arrow and choose “Don Foster”; fill out the rest of the form and specify ‘Formula’ under “Note / memo”  and one of the above causes. These are real children experiencing real life threats. Our hope is to bring healing, safety and playful fun to these children.

“They” deserve the BEST!


Frank & Karee Sweedman
Formula Fabrication

For more details about the non-profit organization called “Love your Neighbor, Africa”   please visit or ‘Friend’ Don “Love More” Foster on Facebook. Your donations mean a roof over their heads and nutritious food to eat. More importantly it means their survival.

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