The cost to heat an entire school is an enormous burden, especially when it’s a private school dependent upon tuition. The outdated boiler system at the Kootenai Valley Christian School, in Libby Montana, was very expensive to operate. Trying to cut expenses, the heat was turned way down and the gym, hallways, and offices were not heated. When the heating bill hit over $2000 a month, the school was forced to shut down the oil boiler. Students and faculty were very uncomfortable and relied on small space heaters to try and stay warm.

Formula Fabrication took compassion upon the KVCS designing an efficient system that maximized what dollars the school could raise and donating the rest. Mitsubishi multi-zone systems were installed strategically throughout the school. Not only was their yearly utility bill reduced by over 40%, the gym, hallways and offices are now heated and the entire school is air conditioned! Students, Faculty and Parents are comfortably delighted with the results and extremely grateful.

“Your kind installation of the beautiful, clean,
quiet, efficient heat system is so greatly
appreciated! What an awesome answer to
prayer you participated in!! Many thanks!!”
Ruthanne Dolezal

“Oh the marvel of being warm! I love it. It is
so wonderful to walk around and teach in a
warm school. Thank you!” Anna Arndt

Our Customers Say

“Your business should receive a gold star for excellence in service and caring for your customers.!”

Larry & Mary Hebenstreit

“I had one installed a couple of years ago, and another one installed this last spring. They do an excellent job! Very clean & comfortable heat. I would recommend Frank to anybody!”

Carolyn Peck, Libby, Montana

“They are still working great, even when it got really cold!”

Steve & Debbie Rebo

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